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On November 11, 2016, We Managed to Complete WPYUI Hybrid Theme

WPYUI Singular Page

WPYUI Singular Page

WPYUI represents WordPress.com and YUI, as we know is short for Yahoo! User Interface Library, plus Hybrid Theme is the rock-solid, and I would say most comprehensive, and user-friendly WordPreses theme developed by Justin Tadlock.

After working for years, from knowing nothing about .php, .html and wordpress.com, I am now able to see how it works, and I can work around it, in order to display my wordpress blogs in an elegant and multiple display formats.

I hope Justin Tadlock will see this and will give comment or suggestion on what I am doing.

The theme is almost 3MB, and it calls YUI and hybrid theme locally, insude the theme folder. I have developed other child themes that call YUI externally, but only this year, I can now see how to call YUI locally.

I have other child themes, that I call Hybrid-Child that I developed from Hybrid News Child Theme developed by Justin here. It also calls YUI locally, but I use JQuery for the tabs. Whereas this theme uses YUI Tabview for the tabs.

I also learned a lot from YUI Bubbling Library developed by Caridy for the Yahoo Effects on mouse over etc.

Well, for me, this development is encouraging. I am now thinking of offering this theme to the public.

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