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The main purpose of this blog is to integrate YUI Library (javascripts and stylesheets) into the robust and user-friendly Hybrid WordPress Theme developed by Justin Tadlock.

What I want out of this effort is to see both the Hybrid WordPress Theme to addopt various YUI scripts and stylesheets available in order to provide us complete java scripts, theme framework, and style sheets utilities that both provide.

In addition, I would also like to see how YUI Bubbling Library with Bubbling Dispatcher plugins and YUI Accordion widgets are very useful to see how they all integrate into one Theme Framework of WordPress in order to have a flavour of "Milky WordPress Theme".

Deutsch: Logo von Yahoo

Deutsch: Logo von Yahoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This site is specifically dedicated to present Word Press.com Themes, Plugins and languages development, particularly  suited to the motifs of Melanesian Peoples in the South Pacific Archipelago. You are going to view various WordPress Themes and plugins, as well as ideas for development of WordPress specifically suited to the need of Papuan peoples. Before all, we hope you to help us develop Word Press Themes that reflect Tribal peoples, natural environment, tribal cultures using the famous and unbeatable Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Javascript Library for styling the presentation as well as the Javascripts and the Hybrid, the robust and most comprehensive WordPress Theme for framework and coding within the theme. It is worth mentioning here that YUI Extensions Library called YUI Bubbling Core , JavaScript Bubbling Library is repeatedly explored, copied and expanded for the need of our themes and plugins development. Please refer to "Wish List" page to read more about what we are wishing to develop from these available resources.

  • Please go to "Wish List" page to read what we are willing to achieve from these activities;
  • Go to "Why YUI" to read the reasons for us using YUI Library
  • Go to "Why ThemeHybrid" to read on the reasons for choosing Hybrid Word Press Theme Framework instead of others;
  • Go to "WhyYUIBubbling" to read more on why we explore and copy Caridy Patino work called YUI Bubbling Library, An easy-to-adopt YUI extension.. for our Javascripts

Please feel free to contact us at: tofreemelanesia@gmail.com

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