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Hello world!

- WordPress and YUI CAN Talk to Each Other

After sometime, I have found out that actually Yahoo User Interface (YUI) Library does talk to WordPress.com but it is commonly not utilized by its users. I have not yet got anything useful for my websites, but it has become my passion, exploring more possibilities of YUI talking to WP.com. I have been developing various […]

Crash Course: YUI Grids CSS

The Yahoo User Interface Library is a rather extensive set of JavaScript tools for developers. Often left unnoticed are a few other useful components of the library that will speed up your coding: some CSS libraries. Today, I’d like to give you a tour of the YUI Grids CSS library. Why? Why should you even […]

Hello world!

Hello world!

Hello World, Hello Visitor, Hello Word Press-ers and Word Press Theme-rs. This site is specifically dedicated to present WordPress.com Themes, Plugins and languages development. You are going to view various WordPress Themes and plugins, as well as ideas for development of WordPress specifically suited to the need of Papuan peoples. We hope you to help […]