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Bubbling YUI wP WP Theme

West Papua (Korulu, 2003)

Image by daskar via Flickr

Bubbling YUI West Papua WordPress Theme are build fully based on YUI Bubbling Library by Caridy.

All Bubbling Library Library are based on YUI. YUI,, Bubbling Library and Hybrid Framework are then blended into Melanesian Motifs in order to make the appearance of our themes more natural and earthly.

We request anyone who is concerned about Tribal Peoples, Indigenous Issues, Human Rights, Genocide, and particularly indigenous work and intellectual property rights issues to help us in advancing our basic concepts and ideas in order to make WordPress Themes becoem fully YUI Based and fully bubbling using Hybrid Theme Framework.

The Bubbling YUI WordPress Themes utilizes the Famous and Complete Theme Framework by Justin Tudlok Hybrid Theme. The Hybrid WordPress Theme is widely used as the core framework, with additional Papua and Melanesia Add Ons created based on the need to promote various issues in Melanesia.

The Bubbling YUI Themes looks more similar to the Famous YUI Bubbling Library by Caridy.

We therefore, hereby would like to express our special gratitude to Yahoo!, Caridy YUI Bubbling Library and Justin Tudlock for their great work upon which we are building our themes.

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