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Hello world!

Hello World, Hello Visitor, Hello Word Press-ers and Word Press Theme-rs.

This site is specifically dedicated to present WordPress.com Themes, Plugins and languages development.

You are going to view various WordPress Themes and plugins, as well as ideas for development of WordPress specifically suited to the need of Papuan peoples.

We hope you to help us develop WordPress Themes that reflect Tribal peoples, natural environment, tribal cultures using the famous and unbeatable Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Javascript Library.

All WordPress Themes and plugins are suited to the motifs of Melanesian Peoples in the South Pacific Archipelago.

Please feel free to contact us at: tofreemelanesia@gmail.com

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  1. Mr WordPress

    We are hoping our readers to be interested and help us further develop our themes in order to help us in our cause for the nature and the protection of our forests, the second largest rain-forest on earth after Brazilian Amozone Forest, New Guinea Rain Forest.

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